Have it ever occur to you that some incident seems so familiar to you? After thinking about it, you realized that you have dreamt of that incident before.

Isn't it strange and mysterious that we are able to dream about our future? Most of our dreams may not come true but some certainly does. An average person have 3 to 5 dreams in the REM phrase during their 8 hours of sleep at night but most of the dreams are forgotten unless they wake up in the REM phrase.

Was having thought about it after coming across this old post on Facebook.

Every since young, I realized that some incidents seems rather familiar and it took me a few seconds to realized that I have dreamt of the incident before. I still remember the latest incident was during my route march when I asked my friend to help me grab my water tube from my field camp and suddenly, it struck me that I have dream of the same incident, the same place and the same time although it wasn't interesting.

To me, my dreams that are rather dull or boring seems to be incidents that might occur in the future while dreams that are interesting or something that I want it to happen, have lesser chances of occurring in the future.

There was one particular dream that I had years ago during my secondary 1 or 2 years which showed glimpse of me in my late 20s or early 30s which I find it rather interesting. It showed a rough gauge of my job and a pretty girlfriend that I have never since before.

Well, seems like it will take many more years before I can find out if that dream really comes true. Trying not to expect too much so that I won't be disappointed greatly if it isn't true.

Some quote or reminder that is related to dream due to today's post:

A dream or a goal will not come true if no effort is made to make it happen.


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