Received a silver for IPPT today. Yay! So happy. Part of me feels a little disappointed as I was a bit close to getting a gold but my running was really bad. I guess I need to work on it more.

So glad that my buddy finally passed his IPPT. It has been so many years since he last passed his NARFA. So happy for him today as he finally made it. He certainly deserved it as he has been putting lots of effort everyday to train up. No more remedial training for him. Yay!

Now waiting for next activity as well as booking out in the evening. Yay!

Time to chill and relax. Lots of free time before dinner and for us to relax after a long week of tough and tiring training as well as IPPT this morning.

Was thinking about what to reward my buddy. So far have only one thing in mind but don't think it is the best. Wonder what will be better. Feel that I might be too lazy to go out tomorrow, hopefully not.

Quote of the day:

If you set your mind to think that there is a solution, your mind will pave out a solution.


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