Today is the most 'bobo' day in my entire life. Full of clumsiness, careless and regrets. Did my shooting today and I screwed it up. 😓

Missed so many shots as I didn't aim well as well as panicked. Was really down as first as I thought it is all over to getting a marksman but who knows I was given a second chance.

I tried to do well but guess what, I screwed it up again. Hence I am really down now. I was so close to getting it but I wasted it. Haiz…

Let every mistake be a lesson learnt.

Today is laundry day. Yay! New bedsheets, new pillow case. Woohoo! The bedsheets are so fresh, fluffy and cozy. 😁 😁 😁

Can't wait for tomorrow as it will be book out day! Woohoo! A week is finally coming to an end. Time to enjoy the outside life soon. 😁


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