Feel so disappointed with my performance today during live range. Everytime I will always get marksman for my live range. However, today I did very badly… 😢 😢 😢

Nevertheless, today seems to be a rest day for me as most of the time we were waiting and I took the chance to rest after those arduous activities we had for the past few days. Hence I am feeling much better and more energetic now. ✌

Well, I am not doing anything mischievous or sabotaging anyone but I am just secretly elated that my poly best friend is joining our poly circle and I in the army life. Haha.

Previously I have mentioned that those in my poly circle and I have enlisted long ago and he was the only one enjoying freedom for so long after our poly graduation before enlisting into the military or in other words, NS.

Tomorrow will be his turn to enlist. We can't wait and curious at the same time how he will find army life. Whether he can adapt to it, any complains from him and so on.

In other words, just waiting to hear his rants. Hahaha. 😁

Two more days to book out. Yayyy!!! I can't wait. The weekday is coming to an end. I can't wait!!! Thinking about what should I do this weekend so I can make full use of it.

Hopefully I can get to go to places that I can take good shots to try out my new phone's camera.

Quote of the day:

True colors of a person are often not reveal until something triggers it or if the person becomes too comfortable.


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