Saw her in church today. Still as pretty as ever and well dressed. Wasn't expected to see her again after playing in the same band many months ago.

So close yet so far. Can only see from afar.

Although today is not Monday, I am experiencing Monday Blues-like symptoms. Going back to camp now. The thought of it makes me feels so down. No more freedom again for the next five days and time will be passing very slowly while in camp.

Looking forward to Thursday instead of Friday as coming Thursday will be my poly best friend's turn to enlist into the military. He is the only one left in our circle who still have not enlist. So everyone is waiting for him to join us in the military.

Had my dinner at my usual favorite Taiwanese restuarant in the Marsiling region. The food served there are really good and are prepared by real Taiwanese. So you can now expect how good were the meals served there right?

Ate a lot and I am now bloated. Haha.

Quote of the day:

If you cannot change the environment, adapt to it.

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