Book out!!!

TGIF and I am booking out right now! Woohoo~ Waited this whole week just for this moment!!! 😁 😁 😁

Now going to rush back home. Thankfully my dad is going to fetch me hence I can avoid boarding the super packed train at this peak hour. 😁

Dinner was a little disappointing today but lunch was really really awesome. 😁 Can't wait to have some homecook food by my mum.

Had dinner again and this time round is the leftover dinner cooked by my mum tonight. Feels so awesome to be able to eat meals prepared by her after a week of eating in camp. No matter what, home cooked food are still the best. 😁

Home sweet home.

It feels good to be back home again after a week. Back to my own cozy bed, use my laptop, read my books, lie around and do things at my own pace. I guess is the taste of freedom in civilian life I missed.

Feel so sorry for my ST training course's buddy who is still stuck him camp for his Remedial Training as he failed his IPPT during BMT.


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