Snacks!!! Definitely need lots of them while in camp. They provide motivation as well as can consume them when I am hungry.

I must say that the non-muslim food in unit is really really good! It really has standards and in-fact, I find it tasted way better than many of the food sold outside. I am always hungry at 10am (lunch at 12:30pm) and before I sleep. Hence, I tended to prepare lots of yummy snacks before I book-in. Just like I am eating my snacks now as I am writing the post. Hehe…

Today was a pretty relaxing day for me as I cannot attend some activities due to my previous history of childhood asthma hence most of the time I was in bunk doing area cleaning or resting which was pretty awesome.

A pretty good thing as we had lots of tiring training and activities for the past few days so taking a break today for me was a good thing for my body to rest.

Tomorrow is my bookout day. Yay! Feeling so awesome. Have been waiting for the whole week for Friday to arrive. Now is just resting in bunk, waiting for lights out to go to sleep and tomorrow will arrive.

Although this weekend's book out will be busy for me as I would not get to enjoy much due to my commitment. Nevertheless, stepping out into the civilian world and live in it even just for a day is a paradise to many of us.

Quote of the day:

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.


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