Third day of the training and I am already feeling so tired of it. Just want to book out and enjoy a civilian life. Two more days to book out and I am using that as my motivation for training.

Was 'tekan' last night and it was all just part of our welcome ceremony to ST. Well, not that tough but was certainly annoying to change from a clean set of clothes to a dirty NO. 4 just for 'tekan'. However, thank goodness it is all over.

Received lots of punishment today due to our discipline issues such as falling in late, forgot to bring things, and so on. Did lots and lots of push-ups the whole day and felt super tired. Had the mindset of doing more push-ups is for my own good that keeps me going on the whole day with push-ups.

A quote from BMT:

Diamond is a piece of coal made under pressure.

Seems like I rant a lot about my NS life but trust me, I would love to post or blog about stuff that I eat, travels, and many more but too bad, I am stuck in camp from Sunday night to Friday night every week and all day long.

Two more days and I will be able to enjoy myself and maybe post pictures as memories of it. Woohoo~


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