Final day of block leave. Time to go back to camp tomorrow. One week of POP block leave seems pretty short but enjoyable. Wonder what's life going to be like for me and its definitely going to be different from BMT.

Today met many familiar faces and the first thing they asked me is regarding my posting. I could see many people's faced changed when they heard that I could not enter command school. Immediately, they gave me the judgemental look and asked why I could not make it to at least SCS.

They would talk about how weak or those "chao ghey" friends they have, could make it to at least SCS to become Sergeants. These judgement looks, words and reactions they gave me made me feel pretty useless when I am in the army.

Well, I tried to look it on the other side that at least I have other achievement in life and that my posting could be of a greater good.

Quote of the day:

The higher the expectation, the greater the disappointment. No expectation equals no disappointment.


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